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12008 East Fwy, Houston, TX 77029
310 Texas Ave, Kemah, TX 77565

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Crazy Alan's Swamp Shack: The Place for Delicious Year-Round Crawfish

"If you like food, I guarantee you'll love our food" - Alan (aka Crazy Alan)

It's Time To Get Your Seafood On!

Hush puppies? Sure. Lobster tail? You bet. The best crawfish in Texas? Of course!

"Great, but what if I want crawfish all year-round?" we hear you cry.

Have no fear! At Crazy Alan’s Swamp Shack, we’ve got you covered. We now serve the best crawfish in Texas all year long! There’s no need to wait for a season or a reason to visit our lip-smackingly good restaurant.

Here at Crazy Alan's Swamp Shack, we have a huge and unique menu, and we're sure that we can cook something up that you'll love. With choices ranging from fresh crawfish to spicy Cajun seafood, from juicy hamburgers to mouth-watering T-Bone steaks, all our food is made to the highest standards. You just know that when you take a bite, you're getting nothing but the best!

So make sure you stop by Crazy Alan's Swamp Shack Restaurant today and get your fill of our expertly prepared seafood. And don't forget to bring your family and friends to the swamp, too!

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Lakewood Street 345 Huston Texas.
our Location

Close To Downtown

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Lunch Specials

Monday - Friday 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

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Dinner Specials

Monday - Thursday 3:00 pm - close

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All You Can Eat


Monday - Friday 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

$14.99 (Regular price $19.99)


Friday - Sat - Sun 11:00 am ALL DAY

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Famous Crawfish Specials - Coming Soon!

$4.99per lb.
( 5 lb. Minimum )
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The owner is the chef, and you can tell that he loves what he does. His "G-Style" crawfish are uniquely Swamp Shack, but the GUMBO is also fantastic. Then add the friendliness of my server - Walter, and you have a winning combination. New returning customer for sure.

Jeremy Glenn

Everything was excellent, right down to the fries and onion rings! I give Swamp Shack a 5 star and I will be back! Best seafood in Houston!!! I also want to say our waiter Walter was first class in customer service, in fact every employee that passed our table asked if we needed anything. Awesome food and service, top notch!!

Jaime Cherry

I've always love coming here when I am down visiting from Tampa, FL. I'm originally from Louisiana and all the amazing awesome creole food makes me feel like I am in the heart of New Orleans and Bogalusa, LA!! You cannot go wrong with the seafood Buffett absolutely delicious!!

Nichole Peters

We of course ordered the duck with foie gras, the meal was amazing, wine was great plus had the best cognac ever.  

Peter Doe, San Diego

The owner is the chef, and you can tell that he loves what he does. His "G-Style" crawfish are uniquely Swamp Shack, but the GUMBO is also fantastic. Then add the friendliness of my server - Walter, and you have a winning combination. New returning customer for sure.

Jeremy Glenn

Jonathan Doe, Michigan

The scenery, atmosphere, food and staff were absolutely wonderful. We all had the mushroom Risotto as an appetizer and it was among the best I've ever had.

Susan Doe, Houston
chef recommends

Try Our Specialities

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We Reward Loyalty!

Our customers are the most important thing to us and we do everything we can to make you happy.

We LOVE our customers, and we love those who keep coming back even more. To show you how much we appreciate your, we’ve got a great loyalty program! We don’t mean to brag, but it might be the best loyalty program you’ve ever seen.

Sign up today and you get a FREE $10 gift card, a FREE lb of crawfish AND 1 FREE appetizer or dessert!

Some have said we’re crazy for giving away so much great food, but we pour our heart and soul into our swamp and give nothing but the best to our loyal patrons. And to be honest, with a name like Crazy Alan’s Swamp Shack, we knew we were crazy anyway!

Now who said we don’t love our customers? Probably those pesky gators again--no matter, here’s plenty of reassurance that we REALLY love everyone who joins Crazy Alan’s big family.

Two Great Locations

Crazy Alan's Swamp Shack is so popular that we're now serving our amazing food in two convenient locations! Don't worry, neither of them is actually in a swamp, which makes the parking easy and you won't get messy either.

Our first restaurant is in Houston, TX, at 12008 on the East freeway and our second location is in Kemah, TX, at 310 Texas Avenue.

No matter where you live in Texas, it's easy to just pop on by and pick up some of the best Cajun seafood the state--and probably the world--has to offer.

And if you don't feel like sitting in and eating, we've still got you covered! With our take-out option, all you need to do is swing by and you could be eating our awesome crawfish in the comfort of your own home or swamp.

Live Music While You Eat

There's nothing better than sitting back, with an ice-cold drink in one hand, and a tantalizing crawfish in the other while you listen to great live music. There is something about the atmosphere that live music creates that you just can't help but fall in love with.

Luckily for you, in our fantastic restaurant in Kemah we have live music playing in the evenings so you can do just that! Relax with a great view, eat some delicious food, drink an ice-cold beer and listen to some of the best live music around.

Make sure to contact our friendly team if you want any more information. And hey, if you've got a good set of pipes on you we may even be interested in hearing what you can offer our live music scene.

How Hungry Are You?

Do you love your food? Do you think you've got what it takes to defeat a food challenge?

How about joining us at our Kemah, TX restaurant and taking on the daddy of all burgers...THE SASQUATCH BURGER!

If you've got a stomach as big as an alligator's, the Sasquatch Burger is the only thing you'll want to be eating. Our monster burger is made up of 1lb of nutria, 1lb of swamp hog and 1lb of water moccasin (or any combination of the 3), loaded with 6 slices of cheese, 3 layers of lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles all served on a delicious fresh bun. To top it all off, you get a massive 1lb side that's made up of French fries and onion rings!

If you're still hungry after all that and you're feeling brave, why not try our brownie explosion for dessert--A huge bowl made up of 3 decadent brownies and 3 scoops of ice cream drizzled with chocolate and caramel syrup.

Think you can take on the Sasquatch, the brownie explosion or both? Get down to Crazy Alan's Swamp Shack now and open your jaws wide!

Family Friendly

With our friendly, welcoming, crazy staff and our menu chock full of delicious food, you'll struggle to find a reason not to bring your family here to eat. Our relaxed atmosphere means you'll be able to sit back and enjoy yourself without worrying whose turn it is to do the dishes!

Crazy Alan likes to thank the city officials and the police for keeping the area that surrounds our restaurants safe, clean and well-run too. Your family has nothing to fear (not even rogue gators!) when heading to our shack for a bite or two to eat.

With a greatly varied and interesting menu, we're positive that no matter what you fancy, your whole family will find something on the menu to devour.


Our restaurants are designed to make you feel like you're in the depths of the swamp, even when you're in the heart of Houston or Kemah. Get comfortable and feel right at home in the shack, and enjoy our wooden finishes while counting how many fish you can spot hanging from the ceiling.

The experience you'll have at Crazy Alan's Swamp Shack is unlike any other, and we're pretty sure you'll forget you live in Texas and think you've come home to the swamp! Don't worry if that's the case, as we're open 7 days a week from 11am to 10pm/ 11pm. You can practically live with Crazy Alan if you want to!

Our History

After working in the Clear Lake area for 30 years in the restaurant and club business. Alan (AKA Crazy Alan) first established Crazy Alan's Swamp Shack in 2010. We now boast two fantastic locations and some of the best Cajun food in Texas.

"I love good food and Cajun is one of my favorites. My goal is to give you some unique items that do not just taste like everyone else's food."
– Crazy Alan!

Don't think Crazy Alan can live up to his claims? Bring yourself down to one of our restaurants and taste the goodness for yourself! You'll wonder why Crazy Alan isn't the King of the Swap with the awesome food he's cooking up in his kitchen!

The Best Customer Service a Gator can Give

We really pride ourselves on our customer service here at Crazy Alan's Swamp Shack, and so does Crazy Alan himself. Crazy Alan always boasts about his employees and co-workers who have been with him for many years. In fact, some people have been working with him for the past 20 years! Can you guess which ones they are?

The customer experience, serving high-quality and hearty food and giving the best  service is the key to any successful establishment and here at the Swamp Shack, that's exactly what we do.

Don't believe us? Then come on down and enjoy some of the best service you can get with a side of delicious food.

Catering Services

If you're a Swamp Shack fan and you have an event coming up, why not think about serving up some of our finger-lickin' good food! If your friends haven't heard about our awesome fare (though we're not sure why you wouldn't have told them about it already) then they're sure to be a Crazy Alan convert after you put something as good as we're offering on the table.

Got a question for Crazy Alan? Want to book a table, give us some feedback or just find out how crazy he really is? Give us a call or come right on down to the shack for a chat, a snack and a drink or two.

Did you make it to the bottom of this post? Well done! You deserve the title of one of the most loyal and crazy Swamp Shack customers. To celebrate this momentous achievement, you should bestow upon yourself the prestigious Crazy Alan Swamp Shack Loyalty Card. Go on, we know you want to be an official member of the swamp! Your free $10 gift card, a pound of shrimp and appetiser or dessert are waiting for you in the depths of the shack.

Alternatively, you can sign up online using our new-fangled email sign up doohickey. We like to keep it modern at Crazy Alan's Swamp Shack!