5 Cajun Dishes You Have to Try

5 Cajun Dishes You Have to Try

5 Cajun Dishes You Have to Try

Cajun cuisine is one of the main things that Louisiana is known for. Their hearty and flavorful dishes bring people from all over for a chance to try a taste of legitimate Cajun food. It creates a very authentic eating experience that you can’t get anywhere else.

If you’re ever in Louisiana or feel like being an adventurous cook at home, there are a few well known Cajun dishes that you should give a try. From the original french toast to everything with crawfish, these meals are delicious and filling.

1. Pain Perdu


Pain perdu is a Cajun dish that is essentially the original French toast. You can dress it up with powdered sugar and some places even stuff it with cream cheese. It makes for a decadent breakfast that will hit your sweet tooth without being too overwhelming for the early hours of the morning.

2. Beignets


Another fun breakfast choice is beignets. These deep-fried dough squares are topped with powdered sugar and are great combined with coffee. Once again they are sweeter take on breakfast and very similar to pain perdu.

3. Crawfish Boil


Louisiana is known for its crawfish, and for good reason. The two have a long history together. Crawfish boils are a spicy dish cooked with corn and potatoes. It’s often served at big events such as a festival or party. The nice thing about crawfish dishes is that a quarter pound of crawfish tails is only 82 calories.

4. Gumbo


Gumbo is probably one of the dishes most people think of when they think about Cajun specialties. It’s a stew made with seafood, meat, okra, and spicy herbs. It has the traditional Louisiana combo of seafood and a spicy kick, which makes it a great dish for getting to know Cajun flavor.

5. Blackened Fish


Another spicy seafood dish is blackened fish. This fish is coated with multiple spices and then cooked on high heat in a cast iron skillet, where it’s charred while still remaining deliciously moist.

With these dishes, you can really start to get a taste for what Cajun food is like. The spices, meats, and hearty flavors are all traditional parts of Louisiana’s culture. You can try them at home, but the best way to experience them is to travel to Louisiana.


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