Cajun Cuisine Offers a Wide Variety of Hearty, Flavor-Rich Comfort Food

Cajun Cuisine Offers a Wide Variety of Hearty, Flavor-Rich Comfort Food

Some people say that when you need to feel good, you have to load up on some serious Cajun food. Cajun cuisine represents good food with a soul. It comes from rich culinary traditions rooted in a deep Cajun culture found in Mississippi and Louisiana. This cuisine is characterized by rich flavors meant to give diners a sense of comfort. A combination of spices are used for a great variety of seafood and meats, which is why Cajun food is always well seasoned.

Chefs take pride in making sure everything that they cook and present to diners is rich and flavorful. In fact, chefs typically rely on Cajun cuisine’s holy trinity of celery, bell pepper, and onion, for its unique flavor profile. Regular complements to round out its palate appeal include garlic, thyme, paprika, parsley, green onion and ground sassafras leaves or filé. Together, they create some of the most popular Cajun dishes to be treasured by various kitchens and their diners throughout the country.

If you don’t know your way around Cajun cooking, don’t despair quite yet. After all, there are a number of restaurants across the country that readily serve delicious Cajun cuisine. In fact, when you are craving for Cajun food in Houston, following are some dishes you should not forget to order.


Jambalaya is one dish that can be a full course in itself. It is typically a rice dish cooked with various kinds of ingredients and a medley of spices. Typically, jambalaya is cooked by combining white rice with chicken, bell peppers, onions and the famous Andouille sausage. It is true comfort food that you can readily enjoy alongside a cold beer or a glass of full-bodied red wine.


When you are in need of a quick lunch or snack, there’s nothing better than po-boys. A po-boy is a legendary sandwich in Cajun cuisine–satisfying and every bit addictive.

A Po-Boy order typically features freshly made bread that is stuffed with shrimp, crawfish or even alligator meat. If you happen to be watching your weight, but still want a tasty sandwich, a Po-Boy stuffed with either three, grilled or blackened, cannot be beat. Most often, the same order comes with onion rings or fries on the side.

Crawfish or Shrimp Etouffee

The term, etouffee, actually comes from the French word that means “to smother.” It is a thick, seasoned stew filled with delicious seafood of your choice, such as shrimp or crawfish. The best way to enjoy this delicious seafood stew is to drape it over some white rice. Enjoy this with a cold bottle of dry beer or a glass of crisp, white wine. An etouffee may seem lighter than jambalaya, but it is just as comforting and wonderfully flavorful.

Blackened Food

Blackened catfish is an amazing dish that is light on calories but full of incredible flavor. Blackening is actually a cooking technique that is usually done on chicken, steak and firm-fleshed fish.

To blacken food, the meat or fish is typically dipped in some melted butter before it gets dressed in some spices and herbs. Then it gets cooked in a hot pan in order to achieve a deep brown or black crust. It is typically served with rice, veggies and even potatoes, making it a complete meal that you can enjoy for lunch or dinner.

Get your fill of good Cajun cooking anytime of day. If it’s your time to enjoy Cajun food, make sure to try a little bit of everything. Bring along your friends and family so you can order more and share. Cajun cuisine is made to be enjoyed in groups, after all.

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