Interesting Facts About Crawfish that Diners Need to Know

Interesting Facts About Crawfish that Diners Need to Know

When it comes to food, Texas is the undisputed king of barbecues. However, there is one delicacy here that true-blue locals just can’t get enough of: crawfish. If this your first time in Texas (or if you’re not very privy to the food scene), here are a few interesting facts about this much-beloved crustacean.

It Has a Swanky Cousin

When asked what famous crustacean the crawfish is related to, a lot of people answer “shrimp.” While this isn’t necessarily incorrect, crawfish is actually more closely related to the lobster, perhaps the most coveted crustacean in the sea. If you look at their biological taxonomy, crawfish and lobster only diverge when you get to the family of species: Nephropoidea (lobsters) and Astacoidea (crawfish).

Crawfish in Houston Restaurants are as Interesting as They are Tasty

Louisiana is Tops

Louisiana is the state that produces the most crawfish in the country. In fact, the crawfish industry there is so big, it generates $300 million in sales annually and employs some 7,000 people. Is it any surprise, then, why Louisiana has declared the crawfish its official crustacean? Fortunately, you don’t have to cross states just to enjoy this delicacy—Houston also has restaurants that offer excellent crawfish.

What’s in a Name

People love giving nicknames to things, and the crawfish is no different. These tasty crustaceans have quite a few monikers, including crawdads, river crab, and mudbugs, just to name a few. One thing’s for certain though: whatever name you call a crawfish, everyone can agree that it’s one of the best seafood you can sample.

It’s Healthful

Depending on how it’s cooked, crawfish can also be very healthy food. For instance, a 5-ounce serving contains a whopping 25 grams of protein, the body’s primary building block. It’s also a good source of nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, and potassium. A word of warning, though: crawfish have a relatively high cholesterol content, so take it easy on these crustaceans if you have high cholesterol. But as long as you keep portions reasonable, it’s a perfectly healthy addition to your diet.

Hopefully, these fun facts have not only piqued your interest about crawfish but have fired up your appetite as well. Head over to a restaurant that serves fresh, tasty crawfish to satisfy your craving for these tasty morsels.

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