Why Eating Cajun Seafood can be Good For Your Health

Why Eating Cajun Seafood can be Good For Your Health

No one likes to feel hungry, especially after having a meal at a restaurant. Many people want food they choose to fill them up, and have healthy ingredients in it too.

If you’re looking for a cuisine to tick both of these boxes, Cajun seafood is a sensible and tasty choice.

How Cajun Seafood Stops You Feeling Hungry

There are a few separate components that go into Cajun seafood: a vegetable base, deep flavors and spices, fresh seafood and carbohydrates on the side. It’s the carbohydrates that help keep you feeling full for a long time.

Historically, Cajun food was created using carbohydrates, such as rice and potatoes, so that the can be stretched further to feed more people. These ingredients were cheap, and also made the meal more filling. Carbohydrates are the main source of fuelfor your body, as the starches and sugars are broken down during digestion and absorbed into your bloodstream. You feel full when you eat them because your body needs to work harder to break them down, and it takes longer to break down than other food groups.

Cajun Seafood is Often Accompanied with Vegetables and Carbohydrates

It’s much better for your body to take in carbohydrates in the form of rice or potatoes than from sugary drinks and sweets. You’ll feel more satisfied after eating them, too.

The Science Behind Seafood

Did you know that it’s advisable to eat at least 2 portions of seafood each week? Many Americans don’t meet this guideline, as they either feel seafood is too expensive or difficult to prepare. An easy way to get around this is to eat seafood such as crawfish, trout, or salmon when you go out for a meal with your family.

Cajun seafood uses a variety of fish and shellfish, so people of all tastes will likely find something that they can enjoy. As seafood such as crawfish are frequently served on platters, eating out also becomes a very social occasion. Families or groups of friends can share a meal, rather than eat individual portions that can add up in cost.

Health Benefits From Eating Seafood

Studies have found that eating fish and seafood can reduce your risk of depression, stroke, dementia, and heart disease. While Cajun seafood is very delicious, there may be more to it than just a nice meal. Cajun seafood can keep you healthier, happier and fuller for longer, so there’s always a benefit to finding a local restaurant that specializes in this cuisine.


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