Why Live Music Promotes a Better Restaurant Dining Experience for Everyone

Why Live Music Promotes a Better Restaurant Dining Experience for Everyone

Many people enjoy regular meals out at their favorite restaurants, and lots of people also enjoy heading out to listen to live music. How many people consciously make a decision to combine the two, though? Research shows that more people should be, as there are strong connections between listening to music and having a better dining experience.

Could music be the key to feeling healthier, happier and improving your relationship with food?

Live Music and Health

Even when considered alone, music may have powerful benefits for people’s health and well being. Regularly going out to live music venues can help improve your emotional and physical well being, as well as your social life as you get ample chances to meet new friends.

Many Restaurants Will Offer Different Types of Live Music for Diners

recent study has suggested that people with fibromyalgia who listen to music that they like with a tempo of 120 beats per minute or less, experience less pain after 10 minutes of exposure than those who don’t. While more research is required, this research suggests a strong link between pain relief and music. As listening to live music is a passive activity, you don’t need to overexert yourself to visit a venue and listen. Many people could feel physical changes in their body just from visiting a restaurant with live music near them.

Many people try to cram their minds with information the night before an exam, or put in extra training time before a sporting event, but studies suggest that you may be better off listening to some music instead.

In 2007, Stanford University School of medicine found that students who listened to Vivaldi or Baroque helped improve their attention, focus and memory span. While not every restaurant is going to play live classical music, you may still be better off listening to live music than pushing yourself too hard at the last minute.

The Best Restaurant Atmosphere

Think of the restaurants you love to visit, and ask yourself why you like them. Is it purely the food, or do the atmosphere and staff have something to do with it as well? The likelihood is that if a venue makes you feel uncomfortable, you won’t be going back again, no matter how good the food or drinks are.

Feeling uncomfortable is similar to a stress response, where your body goes into fight or flight mode. You’ll likely not even enjoy your food, even if it does taste good, if your mind is focused on something uncomfortable.

Conversely, a positive and enjoyable social atmosphere can increase happy feelings. Having friendly social interactions, laughing and listening to live music all help produce an atmosphere that promotes total enjoyment.

One study found that music promoting a positive emotional response, such as the chills, causes your brain to release dopamine. This chemical makes you feel happy, and it’s also released when you feel connected to people. Combine a group of friends or family with live music and good food, and you have a recipe for a very enjoyable atmosphere where lots of happy hormones float around.

Pairing Music with Food

Since a restaurant is primarily a place that provides food, live music should be the icing on the cake. The star of the show should always be good food. However, the type of music you listen to has been shown to affect the taste of your food. For example, high-frequency sounds bring out the sweetness in food, while low-frequency sounds bring out the bitterness. That makes it very important for restaurants to choose their live music carefully, so diners enjoy their meal more.

If you’re planning to go for a meal in the Kemah, TX area, it’s a good idea to choose a restaurant with live music choices as well as good food. Not only will you have a more immersive restaurant experience, but you may find yourself feeling happier and healthier as a result.


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