Why You Shouldn’t Count Out Alligator Recipes in Cajun Cooking

Why You Shouldn’t Count Out Alligator Recipes in Cajun Cooking

Why You Shouldn’t Count Out Alligator Recipes in Cajun Cooking

Dining out is a universal tradition that nearly everyone enjoys. Whether it’s a date night, birthday or just a lack of appealing food in our cupboards, dining out is something special. In a survey, 34% of Americans claim that they dine out weekly. Many diners are often searching for something new and interesting to eat. Cajun food is a frequent go-to for anyone looking for something new. A trip to a seafood restaurant is among the most popular spots. When thinking of delectable meals, alligator is probably not the first to come to mind. Joining crawfish, lobster, and shrimp, alligator dishes are an equal part of authentic Cajun cuisine. It can be an unorthodox entrée and many picky eaters are rather hesitant to try it. Ordering an alligator dish may elicit some raised eyebrows from your fellow diners, but one should not immediately write off these Cajun specialties. It can be a delicious and protein-packed entrée. It just might expand your palate and turn you into an alligator fan.

The apprehension surrounding alligator meals is understood. This is often the case for any non-traditional meat. People expect their food to come from cows, pigs, fish etc. When facing a food option from an unorthodox origin, some people may be unwilling. When thinking of traditional Cajun cuisine we don’t often picture alligator but those who write it off should give it another shot. Alligator meat can not only be part of some delicious Cajun dishes, but it also carries some health benefits for the courageous eater.

For example, if someone is looking to add more protein to their diet, gator meat is a great choice. In fact, just one 3.5-ounce piece of gator meat has 46 grams of protein. That total is more than double the amount of protein than a same-sized piece of beef. Alligator is growing ever more popular, especially among Cajun connoisseurs.

Alligator cooking options

Alligator meat is most often served fried, but there are a variety of different cooking methods. If your planning to have some Cajun specialties at your next barbecue, consider adding gator burgers to the menu. Fire up your grill and top them with some sautéed peppers and onions for extra flavor. One of the most unique gator recipes you can find is gator chili. It’s a great twist on a spicy Cajun favorite.

As with any meat, some parts of the animal are tastier than others. With gator meat, this also rings true. The part of the alligator most often used comes from the tail, mostly due to its tender quality that reminds diners of veal. The meat from the rest of the gator is darker and tougher to eat, but much-loved by gator fans. Gator tail picadillo is a popular dish that utilizes this part of the animal. This Cajun cuisine is cooked in a variety of different herbs and spices, such as oregano and cumin. Although there are many different cooking methods for alligator, fried remains the most popular.

Gator bites or nuggets are another popular Cajun favorite and a standard at any seafood restaurant. Someone squeamish about trying gator meet may have their concerns offset by the chicken-like look to them. It becomes mind over matter at the point for these Cajun specialties.

No matter how you prepare your gator meat, it is best to not overcook it. Overcooking gator meat can cause it to dry out and develop a toughness to it, which makes it hard to eat. No one wants to eat something that will take forever to chew.

Anyone looking to be more adventurous in their dining habits should give alligator a try. With chefs coming up with new and innovative recipes, a growing number of diners are willing to try them out. Cajun cuisine is full of tasty and exciting recipes that will make foodies flock to their local seafood restaurant. Nobody wants the same bland meals over and over again. Delicious gator meals deserve to stand by crawfish and shrimp as great Cajun cuisine. While visiting a seafood restaurant, look for some alligator meals on the menu. It is sure to tantalize those taste buds.


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