Year Round Crawfish Supply Makes Crawfish Part of Every Houston Holiday Tradition

Year Round Crawfish Supply Makes Crawfish Part of Every Houston Holiday Tradition

When many people think of craw fish, they picture a big get-together party on the beach as the perfect way of bringing summer to an end. While there is nothing wrong with a craw fish party, don’t limit yourself to only a Labor Day event. A menu of craw fish has existed in many countries and cultures for thousands of years as a holiday tradition. By having year round crawfish in Houston available, you can plan your next holiday celebration regardless of the time of year.

Why Celebrate at the End of Summer?

We can thank the Finnish for making crayfish parties so popular at the end of summer. It all started in the 16th century when Finland started raising crawfish for food. The fresh river waters were perfect for these little shellfish, or jokirapu, to thrive. July 21 through the end of October was the noted crayfish, or rapukausi season. This celebration of the crayfish continues today, not only in Finland, but all around the world.

Craw Fish Season in Texas and Louisiana

The marked season for crawfish in the Southern United States runs from November to July. February through May is the most prevalent time for getting a great bargain on the small crustacean delights. This falls right at the height of the Easter season. Those of the Catholic faith visit fish markets in preparation of the sacred holiday. The Octave of Easter runs for 8 consecutive days and a feast of crawfish is a tradition that is not taken lightly.

The Many Benefits of Having Year Round Crawfish Supply in Houston

To this religious sector, God has provided just the right food at just the right season to rejoice in the Lord’s resurrection. The nutrition that is available is considered a gift from God and should be humbly accepted.

A Mobile Society Creates the Need for Year Round Crawfish

Year round crawfish in Houston has become more than a springtime event. For travelers that wish to experience the succulent flavor of the areas well-known crayfish, many establishments offer on a year round basis. Crayfish can breed year round if the temperatures are consistent. However, the pickings are also a lot slimmer and the price higher. In off seasons, expect to pay a premium price for enjoying the taste of year round crawfish in Houston.

Availability of Cray Fish in All Parts of the World

Salt water crawfish are quite abundant regardless of the time of year. Many restaurants ship in salt water cray fish to have available to customers especially around the holidays. The taste is slightly different than that of fresh water cray fish and you should inquire about the type of craw fish when planning a trip to a restaurant. Countries that are close to the ocean have an ample supply of saltwater cray fish due to the more regular ocean temperatures. Some freshwater craw fish come from local fresh stream rivers while others are raised on cray fish farms, creating enough of a supply to ship around the country.

If you search the Internet, you will find many different ways to prepare crawfish for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. There is no limit as to when you can enjoy the mouth-watering taste of these crustacean morsels. However, for a meal of carefully prepared craw fish with the best atmosphere and music, the folks in Houston can provide an unforgettable experience that will stay in your memory until the next visit. If you are planning a trip for a holiday to the Houston area, do not fret about missing the craw fish season. You will be able to enjoy freshwater cray fish any time of the year at any Crazy Alan’s Swamp Shack locations in the Houston area.


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